FEBRUARY BLOGGING CHALLENGE- Kindness and Caring Towards Others

Welcome to our February Blogging Challenge!

This month we have 4 weekly prompts that center around kindness, love, and caring to the people in our lives both at school and at home. This challenge was created by two of our community members Anabel Gonzalez (@amgonza) and Penny Christensen (@Pen63). Thank you to you both for the thematic idea, the blog prompts and for carrying on the blogging for the community!

Blog prompts will be tweeted out on Sundays USA/Monday in AU/NZ (but you will find them here as well! )and you will have the week to post and comments on the blogs. This will allow everyone a little more time in their busy schedule to gather thoughts, blog and participate with the community!

As always, our focus here in the #reflectiveteacher community is on reflection and reflective practice. So, let's continue the fun, share and comment on blogs! Let's keep growing the community so please share as widely as possible, and share the #reflectiveteacher love with colleagues, friends and neighbors! You don't even have to have been a blogger in the past. It would be a great way to start and there's lots of help and support.


1. Blog on the prompt during the week. Please add your name and details to the Google Doc so that we can collaborate and share
2. Please try to comment on other blogs - that's the best way to encourage others and to ask questions to encourage reflection on practice.
3. Share the challenge with your colleagues - get them involved and help create a community of practice. It's the best way to encourage and
grow your professional learning.
5. Add the hashtag #reflectiveteacher to your posts - that way, when you share them on Twitter, we can follow and comment. :)
6. The main guideline - have fun with your reflections and ask if you need any help or support. We're always available - between us we've got all
timezones covered!!
7. Grab the community badge from below and add it to your blogs etc - Spread the word!

Justine (@cossie29) and Beth (@bleidolf67)


Blog Prompt

Week 1

(Feb 1-7)
How can we demonstrate love while maintaining healthy (legal) boundaries?
Share a favorite memory or story.

Week 2

(Feb 8-14)
How can we teach students to pay kindness
forward - to give expecting nothing in return?

Week 3

(Feb 15-21)
How can we create a culture of charity in our classrooms/schools?

Week 4

(Feb 22-28)
Can compassion be taught?