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This is our page to share the resources we find for using Google Drive and Apps in the classroom. Add an image from the website and don't forget to also add a link to it so it's easy for others to find and use. Adding a comment would be helpful to - describing ease of use, ideas for use, etc.

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If you're wanting to get started with using Google in the classroom
(Click on the image for the link).

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This is a site where resources for using Google in the classroom are curated. Any main ones will also be added to this wiki page.

This is a great video from YouTube on how to get started.

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Edudemic is a great source of resources. Click on the image to see more.

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A presentation I put together which has links to lots of ideas for using GAFE

Google in the Classroom- Student Check-In
Hello everyone!
My name is Beth Leidolf and I am sharing with you all one of newest ways that I am going to use Google Forms. We all know how important it is to assess how students are doing academically in our courses, but how often do we assess how students are doing emotionally? Using Google Forms to check in with a student lets us see how the whole child is doing in the class and it very easy to set up!

To begin, open Google Forms within the GAFE environment and create a few questions that ask students to tell you how they are feeling that day. Take the link attached to the survey, pop it on a worksheet, warm up, at the top of the class agenda, or anyplace that students can get to it quickly and easily. I created mine into a poster and will be attaching it to my classroom door so that students can access it when they walk in. Here it is:

Feel free to take what I have down below and use. The Google link is active if you want to look at the questions I created.
Wishing you all the best,
Beth Leidolf, NBCT