This month’s blog challenge is designed to focus on sharing your favorite things from this school year. We hope that you have a lot of fun sharing what worked well as well as picking up some new ideas to explore during this spring and coming summer!

As always, you’ll connect with great educators and become part of a collaborative community of practice where reflection on teaching and learning is our focus. Make sure to use our hashtag #reflectiveteacher to keep up to date with the sharing and discussions that happen!

We’ve given you a variety of prompts for each week. Blog about any (or all!) of the Rave Prompts! Thanks for sharing your Raves and making this May Blogging Challenge a success for everyone!

Thank you, Beth Leidolf @bleidolf67 and Nancy Ironside @TrNancy13

Let’s rave about...
Week 1
May 3-9
Your favorite filler activity
Your favorite writing activity or strategy
Your favorite formative assessment approach
Week 2
May 10-16
Your favorite way to provide feedback to Ss
Your favorite getting-to-know you activity
Your favorite classroom management tool
Your Favorite “Teaching Is…” idea to celebrate National Teachers Week! Add the hashtag #teachingis to join the movement!
Week 3
May 17-23
Your favorite reading strategy
Your favorite group activity
Your favorite book about teaching
Week 4
May 24-30
York favorite organizing tool
Your favorite student-centered activity
Your favorite cross-curricular unit