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Our profession is one of the most rewarding on the planet but sometimes it can be hard to stay positive and enthusiastic with all the outside pressures. This month’s blog challenge is designed to focus on the exciting and rewarding aspects of what we do, and promote a little Attitude of Gratitude along the way.

Come and join us! You’ll meet great like minds and become part of a collaborative community of practice where reflection on our practice is our focus. We use the hashtag #reflectiveteacher to track discussions so don’t forget to add that to your blogs as a tag, and also to the Twitter chat which happens every Tuesday at 6pm CST / Wednesday 12pm NZDT

1. Add your name, blog title and location to the WIKI PAGE to be an official participator! (Click the link to add your details).

2. Respond to the 30 prompts in your own blog for the month of November, 2014.

3. Write as much as you want about each prompt. There is no limit to your reflection on the topic.

4. If you have time, visit other participators' blogs and read about their ideas and experiences. Feel free to comment!

5. Place this Blogger Badge on your blog to let everyone know you are a Teach Thought 30 Day Blogger Participant!

6. Have fun! This is a great opportunity to grow and meet other educators!

Ready? Set? Go! Teachers, take the 30-Day Blogger Challenge and write your thoughts on the following posts!

Nov 1 What are the best aspects of being a teacher?

Nov 2 What is one small delight in the day that you always look forward to?

Nov 3 What are you most proud of to date in your teaching career?

Nov 4 What was the nicest gift that you received from student/parent/colleague?

Nov 5 What are your strengths? Which are you most grateful for?

Nov 6 Share a quote or verse that has inspired you and tell us why.

Nov 7 What new learning has inspired you in your career?

Nov 8 Write about a memorable moment in the classroom and how it reminded you about why you love

what you do.

Nov 9 What is one way you could develop the Attitude of Gratitude in your classroom or school? Try it out

and let us know how it went in a couple of weeks.

Nov 10 Being grateful for humor - share a story about a time in career where humor played a part.

Nov 11 What is the most important ‘lesson’ you want to teach your students?

Nov 12 Share a photo - or photos - of things / people you are grateful for.

Nov 13 What do you do to take time out for yourself?

Nov 14 5 things you are grateful to have learned in your teaching career

Nov 15 What tech tools are you most grateful for? Why? How have they changed what you do?

Congratulations! You're halfway there! Favourite posts to date?? What has challenged your thinking?

Nov 16 What is the most powerful aspect of being a connected educator? What are you grateful for?

Nov 17 One thing that is different from a year ago that I am grateful for...

Nov 18 What do you appreciate about your colleagues?

Nov 19 Tell someone you know how grateful you are for the work they do. Share your story here.

Nov 20 What is one life lesson that you are thankful for having learned?

Nov 21 List a book you are thankful to have read and how it have inspired you to be better at what you do

Nov 22 What are your family traditions you are most grateful for?

Nov 23 How did your Attitude of Gratitude work out - tell us about it.

Nov 24 What are your dreams for education in the future?

Nov 25 What would you like to let go of?

Nov 26 Write about any 3 small pleasures in your life/day.

Nov 27 If you could bottle up the perfect day, what would it look like?

Nov 28 Talk about 1 opportunity that you are grateful in hindsight for having passed you by.

Nov 29 We all know someone who inspires us to be better. Share that person.

Nov 30 Practice an act of kindness this week and blog about your experience