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This is our page to share all the resources we find on blogging from beginners to experts. Add an image and remember to link the image to the website you're sharing.

New to blogging and not sure where to start? Check out this resource - useful and practical - from Free Technology for Teachers. (Click the image to go to the website).

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Hi community members!
Since the 30 Day Blogging Challenge was a huge success with all of us in the wiki community, I wanted to share our positive experience with others and let them know about the benefits of blogging as well as how to set up their own blogging challenge. I recently presented this at a local workshop in the area. Thank you to those of you who allowed me to quote their comments and feedback on the 30DBC!

The following website belongs to Kathleen Morris, a teacher who is absolutely passionate about blogging and how powerful it can be in learning and teaching. I've used her resources many times both for my own learning and also for professional learning with other teachers. The image below links to her page which has many links that are incredibly helpful in getting started with blogging.
(Click on the image to visit the website).

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Mike Paul is one of our community members. He's passionate about WordPress as a blogging platform. In this video he shows you how to set up your teacher blog in less than 5 minutes.