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April 2015 Book Study at #reflectiveteacher

This April 2015 the #reflectiveteacher at TeachThought community will be doing a book study! We will be reading the bestseller Teach Like Your Hair’s on Fire by Rafe Esquith. You can purchase it at __Amazon__ or __Barnes and Noble__- it is also available as an eBook!

We have some great activities during the month that you can participate in:

1) Participate in the #reflectiveteacher Twitter Chat during Tuesdays in April (6 pm CST, 7 pm ET or 12 pm NZDT the following day) We will be discussing that week’s assigned reading and how it connects to our classroom and teaching.

2. Reflect on the book with a blog entry from one of the prompts related to that week’s reading. Connect and share your thoughts and support each other as teachers!

Book Study Schedule and Chat Times
Week 1 Activities
Week 2 Activities
Week 3 Activities
Week 4 Activities

Let’s have fun and make this a successful #reflectiveteacher community activity!

Thank you, Beth Leidolf @bleidolf67 and Nancy Ironside @TrNancy13

Week 1 Activities

#reflectiveteacher Twitter Chat- April 7th 6 pm CST / April 8th 12 pm NZDT

Blogging Topics- blog about any of the prompts below! Share your prompt with other teachers at #reflectiveteacher!

  • In Part One, Esquith talks about how to create a safe haven in your classroom. How do you create a warm, safe environment for students in your classroom? What are some goals you have to create a welcoming and productive environment for students?
  • Esquith brings forth 6 levels of thinking that he believes helps students to grow both as students and as young people. Which one resonates more with your beliefs & experiences and why?
  • How can we encourage lifelong readers like Esquith? What are some ways that you promote reading in your classroom or school?
  • How does writing and reflection play a role in your area of teaching? Share some interesting ways that you encourage the writing process with your students.

Week 2 Activities

#reflectiveteacher Twitter Chat- April 14th 6 pm CST / April 15th 12 pm NZDT

Blogging Topics- blog about any of the prompts below! Share your prompt with other teachers at #reflectiveteacher!

  • As educators are we helping students to understand numbers and learn to love them or are we just busy preparing for exams while students have no actual understanding of numbers?
  • In Chapter 6 Esquith brings up some ideas for helping students survive and win the war on standardized testing. Which one resonates more with your beliefs & experiences and why?
  • It is important that students understand history and see its importance in their daily lives. How do you connect with history and cultures in your classroom?
  • Rafe Esquith noticed that our desire to help kids feel good about themselves can sometimes outweigh the opportunities that students are given to get the wrong answer or take a fall. As an educator how do you encourage growth in your students without smothering their creativity and problem solving skills, therefore, allowing them to explore and discover while you guide?

Week 3 Activities

#reflectiveteacher Twitter Chat- April 21st 6 pm CST / April 22nd 12 pm NZDT

Blogging Topics- blog about any of the prompts below! Share your prompt with other teachers at #reflectiveteacher!
  • How do you foster a love of the arts in your classroom?
  • We all are aware the benefits of stepping away from the work for a little recess, break time, brain breaks. Share some creative ways that you have students take a break from the work in your classroom..
  • Rafe says in Chapter 11 " I want to teach children real skills that will help them for the rest of their lives.” What skills do you teach/believe will help our students in the future?
  • How do you encourage problem solving and analytical thinking in your subject area or grade level?
  • Another way that Rafe tries to connect the humanities to his classroom is by integrating films. Share some of your favorite films that you connect up to your subject area and curricular units.

Week 4 Activities

#reflectiveteacher Twitter Chat- April 28th 6 pm CST / April 29th 12 pm NZDT

Blogging Topics- blog about any of the prompts below! Share your prompt with other teachers at #reflectiveteacher!
  • Many of our students show sensitivity to music and sounds. How do you incorporate lyrics and rhythms into your lessons to reach those who learn better through music?
  • What does this quote mean to you and your classroom? " The best way to help our children grow into exemplary people is often to involve them in projects that help other people."---- Esquith
  • Esquith seems to (how does he do it?!) be able to reach multiple intelligences, interest levels and learning styles in his classroom. After reading the book, what are some new things that you would like to try in your classroom with your students?
  • Now that you have read the book, what are your feelings, emotions, intuitions, thoughts about "the methods and madness inside room 56?"

Book Study Schedule and Twitter Chat Times

April 7- we discuss pp. 1-61
April 14 - we discuss pp. 62-105
April 21- we discuss pp. 106-171
April 28 we discuss pp. 172-227


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