REFLECT AND RENEW IN 2015 - The January Blog Challenge!

Corrected poster for Jan blog chlg

Welcome to the New Year everyone!

Our goal is to have more of you involved in what happens in the online community - it's our community afterall. We have asked for your input for a special blog challenge to start a fantastic 2015.

We need 31 prompts for this month and you can add yours here... January Blog Prompts. The focus is on reflection and reflective practice to continue the fun we had in 2014 and keep growing the community so please share as widely as possible. You don't even have to have been a blogger in the past. It would be a great way to start and there's lots of help and support.


1. Blog when you can - there is no pressure to blog every day or to use all the prompts. It's the reflective habit / practice we're encouraging. Please add your name and details to the Google Doc so that we can collaborate and share ideas to encourage reflection.
2. Please try to comment on other blogs - that's the best way to encourage others and to ask questions to encourage reflection on practice.
3. Share the challenge with your colleagues - get them involved and help create a community of practice. It's the best way to encourage and
grow your professional learning.
4. The prompts are below and we will add more as we have them added to the Google Doc.
5. Add the hashtag #reflectiveteacher to your posts - that way, when you share them on Twitter, we can follow and comment. :)
6. The main guideline - have fun with your reflections and ask if you need any help or support. We're always available - between us we've got all
timezones covered!!
7. Grab the community badge from below and add it to your blogs etc - Spread the word!

Justine (@cossie29) and Beth (@bleidolf67)





What are my beliefs about how students learn best?
Beth Leidolf
What do I consider unique about my teaching?
Beth Leidolf
What is one area I know I need to work on? What actions am I going to take to improve?
Justine Hughes
What is one area of my learning and teaching I want to develop this year?
Justine Hughes
How do I stay positive and share/encourage that positivity in my students?
Susan Heydt
What advice can you give a new teacher as to the priority or focus for energy as they begin their careers?
Kim Schneider
How am I going to update myself professionally?(Resources I should take support of).
Surinder Khera
Describe the process you use in your reflection when studying assessment results. Where does your energy and focus lean?
Kim Schneider
What challenges I had faced during teaching in 2014 that had helped me to grow professionally?
Surinder Khera
What are the benefits of connecting with other educators? How am I going to make sure I do this on a regular basis?
Justine Hughes
How has education changed since you began teaching?
Jeff Grinvalds
How did your initial teacher training prepare you? What would you like Teacher Ed programs to provide now?
Michelle Edwards
What is one area of digital learning that you want to improve on in 2015? How are you going to do this?
Justine Hughes
If a young person told you they wanted to become a teacher, what would you tell her/him?
Jeff Grinvalds
Describe a cross-curricular relationship that surprised you and made you a stronger teacher.
Susan Heydt
What changes do you envision in the next ten years?
Jeff Grinvalds
What is one way you could mentor / support a colleague this year and share your knowledge?
Justine Hughes
What do you intentionally do to make sure you don't let too much time pass without having a caring conversation with all your students?
Michelle Edwards
What actions (micro and macro) do you take that ensure that your school’s vision is woven throughout your daily practice?
Claire Buist
Share a TED Talk that you found useful/ interesting/ inspiring, and share why.
Jacqui Heywood
How do you design the perfect rubric?
Susan Heydt
Is your school leading the team to adapt? What structures are in place to engage staff in generating and testing out new ideas, practices, change?
Claire Buist
How do you meet the needs of a diverse student population
Akevy Greenblatt
What do you do to help your students learn in a climate of optimism and hope? Do you have a successful strategy you can share?
Cathy Beach
How would you choose to report progress out to children and parents? How often?
Michelle Edwards
Share a time when you learned a very important lesson from one (or more) of your students.
Cathy Beach
Share what creative and innovative ideas you have done in your classroom to increase student engagement.
Akevy Greenblatt
How do you incorporate STEAM into your teaching? (Countries not using STEAM, feel free to reflect on Inquiry Learning and Teaching and how we make sure that Science and Tech etc aren't missed out).
Akevy Greenblatt
What is one thing you wish you’d known when you first started teaching, and explain how you do it now.
Cathy Beach
Is ‘grit’ a valid noun?
Kerri Thompson
Share about a time that you experienced the joy of learning with your students.
Andy Crowe