This is our page for resources to get your teaching year off to a great start. Click on the image or the link to connect to the resource/s.

Great ideas for getting - and keeping the
classroom ticking over

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Social Media can help break down barriers and
form strong home and school connections.
These tips can help make it a success.

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The following link has great ideas for using
assessment effectively right from the start.
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A post from Edutopia on the power of collaborating
with colleagues and building a PLN for the new year.

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10 ideas to get to know your students...

10 Icebreakers for the new year for wiki.JPG
Vicki Davis - CoolCatTeacher - always has
great words of wisdom to share.
Love her thinking on starting the year well.
Great to share with colleagues too.
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Some interesting and creative ways to
start the year.

10 Creative Ways to Intro Yourself for wiki.JPG
This is a great resource page for beginning
teachers - and 'old hands'.

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The power of helping students create a positive mindset for the new year.

Edutopia Positive Mindset for wiki.JPG
Great ideas for asking questions to put students at ease and to get to know them better.

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